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Top Five Dessert Parlours in Bradford

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We all know the feeling when your sweet tooth needs to be satisfied and nothing except the most sugary indulgent treat will do, but now there’s no need to worry as there are plenty of places which serve sensational desserts that are a meal in itself.

So come with us as we discover the best Bradford has to offer whether that’s sinfully delicious cakes, fresh crepes, amazing sundaes to the fluffiest waffles, from hot and gooey cookie doughs to Instagram worthy milkshakes as well as blissful gelatos.

IceStone Gelato

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This luxurious dessert parlour is the ultimate place for truly stunning and innovative desserts. Even before you order the mouth-watering sweet treats the interior alone will take your breath away.

Choose your choice of delectable desserts from the extensive menu which has luxurious gelato, crepes, Belgian waffles or Freshly Baked soft and gooey cookie dough and luscious sundaes.

The legendary gelatos come in a wide range of flavours from the traditional vanilla to the more adventurous and trendy Ferrero Rocher, Red Velvet and sensational Pistachio.

Icestone also has a hot dessert menu with an outstanding variety of dishes or if you want to keep the calorie count down why not go for the frozen yoghurt, flavours include strawberry, passion fruit, natural yoghurt or mango.

Bradford is blessed with two of these marvellous dessert bars, one on Leeds road and one on Great Horton Rd.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, British, Vegetarian-Friendly


WEBSITE: https://icestonegelato.co.uk

MENU: www.icestonegelato.co.uk/menu

Address: 725 Leeds Road, Bradford BD3 8DG, England

PHONE: +44 1274 656000


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Fliirt is a contemporary dessert Parlour which serves fabulous gelatos and frozen yoghurts.

This dessert paradise has Yummy options for everyone, whether you want to consume your weekly allowance of sugar in one sitting or if you want to keep the calorie count low.
For the naughty kids there are freshly made Waffles, hot and gooey cookie dough, joyful Sundaes, scrumptious Cakes, creamy Gelato, rich Milkshakes, then there’s the guilt-free (until you add the toppings) Frozen Yogurt which can be topped with unlimited toppings from the selection of over 40 toppings, which includes fresh cut fruit and masses of sweets.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar


WEBSITE: https://fliirtdesserts.co.uk

MENU: https://fliirtdesserts.co.uk

Address: 25 Tyrrel Street, Bradford BD1 1RU, England

PHONE: +44 1274721343

Rakkaposhi Coffee & Desserts

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Located on Ebenezer Street is this breathtaking dessert parlour which not only serves imaginative and flamboyant desserts but also an outstanding coffee made from a unique blend of Arabica beans which are freshly grounded.

The dessert menu has everything, from the signature handmade pastry dessert the Fuji (a pastry dessert with cream and toppings), Alongside this is freshly made cookie dough, traditional recipe Liege waffles, buttermilk pancakes, French crepes, premium gelato, sundaes and the popular thick Freakshakes.

All these amazing treats are served looking gorgeous in equally gorgeous surroundings.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Vegetarian-Friendly, Halal


WEBSITE: http://www.rakkaposhi.co.uk

MENU: http://www.rakkaposhi.co.uk/menu-3/

Address: 1 Ebenezer Street, Bradford BD1 5AY, England

PHONE: +44 1274 735070

Heavenly desserts

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Heavenly Desserts is a temple for any dessert lover, the dessert bar serves rich and decadent dishes which really do taste heavenly, on offer are everything a sugar junkie can require from cookie dough delicacies to heavenly, fluffy waffles, freshly made Crêpes to indulgent cakes and the creamiest cheesecakes as well as sensational milkshakes. All presented stunningly in an instagramable worthy stylishness.

All those delicious treats are served in a luxuriously decorated parlour.
It’s a perfect place to visit with a group of friends or family.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Italian, Halal



MENU: http://heavenlydesserts.co.uk

Address: 254 Great Horton Road, Bradford BD7 1PU

PHONE: +44 161 624 6941

Creme de la Creme

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Situated on Leeds Road, Creme de la Creme is every chocoholics dream,
the parlour itself is a quirky and unique space with booths to sit and enjoy your chosen delights.

Choose from luxurious cakes, rich and thick freakshakes, freshly made crepes and pancakes, fluffy waffles, ice cold sundaes, hot cookie dough, sweet little macaroons and an excellent selection of hot and cold drinks.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, British, Halal


WEBSITE: http://creme-dela-creme.co.uk

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/CremeDelaCremeBradford/

Address: 816-818 Leeds Road, Bradford, BD3 9TY

PHONE: +44 1274 666999

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